FAI Hip Impingement (Femoro-acetabular Impingement)

FAI Hip Impingement Awareness facts - It is estimated that approximately 15% of the young, adult population have hip impingement, so who do you know that might have it?
Hip impingement causes painful labral tears within the hip socket.
Hip FAI symptoms are misleading to the average medical professional, as FAI hip impingement pain frequently presents as low back pain and interesting only 10% of back pain is ever clinically diagnosed and cured... Which begs the question what percentage is actually caused by hip FAI or hip impingement, as its otherwise known.
The more active you are, the more likely you are to trigger hip impingement symptoms, so busy mums and gym bunnies beware... but at least you're in good company as many premiere league football players have also suffered FAI hip pain.
Hip impingement is diagnosed through x-ray and labral tears are diagnosed through MRI arthograms - but both need to be read by hip consultants specifically trained in FAI hip impingement.
There are 60,000 hip replacements every year in the UK and it now appears that FAI hip impingement, over the years, could be the leading cause of hip osteoarthritis. A silent epidemic.
Hip arthroscopy can reduce the hip impingement and reattach the torn labrum to the hip socket. This surgery can eliminate the pain and disability caused by FAI hip impingement and divert the need for hip replacement in later life.

Also please feel welcome to join in our help and advice forum for support. We have 3 advising FAI expert hip surgeons, 3 PT/physios and a sports medicine doctor as well as the largest international FAI hip impingement forum on the net:

Monday, 1 April 2013

The best FAI hip surgeons

Top/Best FAI hip surgeons in your area.

Find the best FAI hip surgeon you can, if you have FAI hip impingement. This is THE most important decision you will make, if you are considering having a hip arthroscopy (FAI surgery), or suspect you have FAI hip impingement.
I can not stress the importance of selecting the best FAI hip surgeon enough. This is a new surgery (hip arthroscopy) and there are literally only a 'handful' of hip surgeons, in each country, able to perform FAI surgery/hip arthroscopy competently.

I am repeatedly asked to recommend the best FAI hip impingement surgeons for hip arthroscopy... I can share the names I know to be good, mainly through repeated good results and some of these best FAI hip surgeons, I have also met.  I hope this helps. This is not a full list of the top FAI surgeons by no means, but a good start.

I would also strongly recommend you visit the facebook page I created: 'Best FAI hip surgeons reviews' for a more comprehensive search for your area and personal with recommendations from ex FAI hip patients:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/BestHipSurgeonsReviews/

Top fai surgeons for ENGLAND/UK, I would consider the following as the best FAI Hip surgeons: (not all of which are NHS)

LONDON, England, Paul Jairaj, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon:

Contact: http://www.31oldbroadstreet.co.uk/consultant_det/mr-paul/

About: http://www.sportsortho.co.uk/our-specialists/mr-paul-jairaj
[Personally, I strongly recommend Paul Jairaj, I had 2 further hip arthroscopys with this surgeon, he has fixed my left hip and tried to rectify the failed op on my right, initially treated by a previous surgeon. I found his technique, skill and attitude head and shoulders above my previous experience. Very cutting edge.]

NORTH WEST England, Manchester & Chorley, Aslam Mohammed, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon * Also NHS:

Has a very good reputation and is well practised. Didn't find him very personable, as he insisted on only talking to my husband and not me?!  HOWEVER this surgeon has a very good reputation for good surgery.

NORTH England, Harrogate, Jon Conroy, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon*Also NHS:

Very good reputation, cautious and thought through approach. Good communicator.

MIDLANDS England, Coventry, Professor Griffin:

Excellent reputation, military manner, so can be difficult to have a Q and A session. Incredibly thorough. Only downside is difficultly in getting appointments. Also has the best surgeon's hip arthroscopy rehab section on his website.

EAST ANGLIA England, Cambridge, Richard Villar, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon *possibly NHS, worth checking:

Another excellent reputation, as one of the pioneer hip arthroscopists, although initially in soft tissue, he later moved towards FAI also. Great reputation, only downside is that once you are post op, you're only seen by his fellows, so if there are any issues, they maybe harder to fix, without direct contact.

SOUTH WEST England, Exeter, Matthew Wilson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon *NHS:

A newer face on the FAI block, but one who is coming with a good reputation.

LONDON Johan Witt, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon *NHS:

If you think/have been told you may have dysplasia also, that is a more complicated issue. It does sometimes co-exist with FAI. The difficulty is finding a surgeon who deals with 'both' (a rarity) One surgeon I know of, who comes with an outstanding reputation, for which people will travel, is Johan Witt in London. Patients report he also has a good manner with them and he is well able to deal with dysplasia and FAI.

I know less detail for the names of the best FAI Hip Surgeons outside of the UK, however here are the key names for you to research and these FAI Hip Surgeons are of such reputation (world players) that you will be in safe hands, they also may be able to recommend some of their own, trained, ex fellows, who may happen to be in your area also:

Best fai surgeons for the USA, I would consider the following as the top FAI Hip surgeons:

VAIL, COLORADO: Phillipon know for being the best FAI hip surgeon, or one of...  :http://drmarcphilipponmd.com/contact/

NEW YORK, NY: Brian Kelly, ditto above: http://bryankellymd.com/

NEW YORK, NY: Robert Buly, Another pioneering FAI Hip Surgeon:

NASHVILLE, TN: Thomas Byrd: One of the very best FAI Hip surgeons: http://www.nsmoc.com/dr-thomas-byrd-orthopedic-surgeon-nashville.html

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Thomas Sampson, One of the best FAI hip surgeons, known for sometimes doing both hips at once: http://www.hiparthroscopy.net/

MINNESOTA, MA: Christopher Larson: Top FAI Hip surgeon. Has some cutting edge ideas on FAI surgery approach: http://www.christopherlarsonmd.com/

REDWOOD CITY, CA: Marc Safran. Another FAI surgical leader:

CHICAGO, IL: Dr Shane Nho: Coming strongly recommended from a very good number of ex patients on forums:

CHICAGO, IL: Dr Birmingham: Multiple recommendations from ex patients on the Hip Impingement Awareness forum & best FAI Hip surgeons forum:

MELBOURNE, Australia's best known pioneering FAI Hip Surgeon. John O'Donnell: http://www.hiparthroscopyaustralia.com.au/contact


*Also educate yourself about your condition, talk to fellow sufferers on forums:

*A new book that I can recommend that comprehensively details FAI's ins and outs is: The Entrepreneurial Patient: A Patient's Guide to Hip Impingement by an ex patient of FAI, Anna Lena Thomas. www.theentrepreneurialpatient.com


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  2. Alston Stubbs in Winston Salem NC at Wake Forest Baptist. Studied under Phillipon and is one of the leading hip surgeons in the FAI area. Not the most personable guy, not in a negative way, but is an amazing surgeon. He has done both my hips, and several people I know; all of us have had highly successful surgeries.


  3. Switzerland: I can highly recomand Dr Leunig, Schulthess Clinic in Zurich. He worked together with Ganz ("founder" of the FAI-concept) and learned the scope-work by Phillipon. He does about 150 Surgeries per year since 2006. He has done my left hip and i began with running only 11 weeks after!

  4. Jason Snibbe from Beverly Hills,CA was amazing. After 6 months post op, i'm going back to hockey!!

  5. Thank you, great recommendations very welcome.

  6. Dr. John Carlisle at Kansas City Bone & Joint. He trained with Phillipon and did a fantastic job with my cam FAI/labral tear.

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  8. I heard Thomas Sampson in San Francisco was the best and a long-time contributor to the process, creation of tools, etc. I met him and he is great and I have no doubt he would work wonders but he doesn't take any insurance! The estimate for labrum tear fix, some work on the damaged cartilage and some other things was around $15k and my insurance was willing to pay about $2k, to an out of network doctor. I just could not swing that cost as much as I would like to have him do the work.

  9. Wow, this is quite the list. I don`t need it now, fortunately, but I will certainly bookmark it... you never know!

  10. Hi Louisa

    I am a 40 year old male yoga teacher.

    Ive just had my scan results and as suspected Ive got labral tears in both hips (quite bad he said); cam and pincer impingement in left hip and cam impingement in right hip. I have been referred to a surgeon called Professor Ernest Schilders and told that after Richard Villar he is the most experienced FAI surgeon in the country. I was surprised and concerned to not see his name on your list. Have you not heard of him?

    I look forward to spending some time studying the rest of your site. Do you have direct contact details available to chat with you off line?

    Warm regards

    1. hi from anatole hudson in australia, just enquiring about your expereinces overseas with surgery if you had it?

  11. My FAI surgeon was amazing. I had a labrum repair and debridement in Oct 2012. He is located in Connecticut USA and definately deserves to be added to this list. He knew exactly what was going on with me after I had two different diagnoses, which were both incorrect.
    Here is his info:
    Dr David J Hergen Middlesex Orthopedic Surgeons Middletown CT
    Phone: 860-685-8940
    Website: http://www.davidherganmd.com/
    "Dr. Hergan has a special interest in hip preservation and treatment of hip impingement and hip labral tears. He is an associate master instructor of hip arthroscopy at the Arthroscopy Association of North America international hip arthroscopy course held in Chicago, IL."
    Full Bio here:

    I got my life back because I was lucky to have this talented surgeon.
    I'm hoping that someone else will see this and he can help them as well.

    -Nicole La Vie

  12. Anyone know of good surgeons in Ireland? I'm booked in for FAI repair and labral tear in August.

    1. Hello, how did it go and who did you went to see?

  13. Come ask at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BestHipSurgeonsReviews/

  14. I have recently had surgery on my left hip by Dr. Larson in Minneapolis and have scheduled surgery on my right hip in November. So far I have nothing but excellent things to say about all the staff from the PA to the nursing staff to my PT involved in my hip- FAI/ labral tear recovery. I agree that the surgeon is extremely important, but also emphasis the importance of an excellent team that communicates well and is really working together for each unique patient. As my surgeon said at my 90 day check-up, it is about trying, tweaking and strengthening all the muscles etc in the hip. This process is unique to each individual and so the relationship and expertise of one's PT is also critical:) In general-- I really appreciate the information on this site, but would really like to see some more 'positive' outcomes stories.

  15. Hi Louisa,

    I am suffering with labrum hip tears in both hips. My consultant Dr Andy Langdown has been amazing with me. I have been seeing him now for 15 year due to osteoarthritis, however, as I live in Hampshire the Hampshire PCT do not fund Hip arthroscopies.

    Dr Langdown is doing the best he can to 1, keep the pain from getting worse by having steroids into the joints (but this can only be done twice) and 2, push the PCT board of Hampshire to fund this necessary operation.

    I would definately recommend Dr Langdown to anyone living within the Hampshire, so much so, my mum will hopefully be seeing him soon.

    Kind regards
    Alison Wood

  16. Hi Louisa,

    I have experienced such a similar story as yours,it made me cry:(
    What a nightmare,I fell teaching aerobics some years back and have been searching for the answer.
    Finally had what I thought was pudendal nerve entrapment,the GYN was smart enough to see that yes I did,but it was caused by something he wanted to explore further..I had an MRA and have a tear that is posterior/superior groin area.I am located in the US in NH

    Now,I cannot find a physician to fix it,I have back pain that is just miserable as of a year ago.

    If there is anyone you or anyone here can recommend for a surgeon,it would be so great.
    Thank you


  17. Hi Louisa, my daughter is 17 years old, a high performance hockey player and had surgery for FAI & repair torn labrum in April, 2012....she returned to the ice competitively 6 months later and had a fabulous season...at the end of her season she was experiencing the same pain she had prior to surgery on the same hip. X-Ray, MRI & Arthrogram reveal that she has re-torn her labrum and the FAI has returned. Any idea how or why FAI returns after you have had it surgically removed? Is it "luck of the draw" ?

  18. Sometimes accidentally, all of the impingement isn't removed and that mostly causes a re-tear, unless she is hyperrmobile. On rare occasions it can grow back, but the former is much more likely. Come join our facebook forum, we have 3 surgeons on site now who are fantastic and brilliantly generous with their knowledge. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FAIhip/

  19. Dr. Andrew Parker in Reston, Virginia (20 min from Washington DC): As a lacrosse player I started having having trouble running and was referred to Dr, Andrew Parker. After some preliminary tests, he sent me for a MRI which showed FAI and torn labrum. When he diagnosed me, he must have spent about half an hour describing all options, advantages, disadvantages, and what the options are. He also ensured that it I understood what surgery meant and what my role would be in recovery. I opted surgery and was amazed at what a good job he did. While I was on crutches for a month, I was amazed how ambulatory and pain free I was. I was out of bed and on an exercise bike the day after surgery. Through numerous checkups, I thought of him as more of a friend than my doctor. As a former football, rugby, and current lacrosse player I have had my fair share of experiences with orthopedics. He is not your typical cocky insensitive surgeon. His PA Kim is also very knowledgeable and quick to call back when you have questions.

    1. Really glad to hear such a great review of Dr. Parker. I live in Northern Va, and was recently diagnosed with a significant Labral tear in my right hip (following an MRI/arthrogram). I've heard two names mentioned most often in this area, Dr. Parker and Dr. Wolff. Unfortunately, the latter JUST moved to a practice in DC which doesn't take insurance, so he is probably off the table (so far as consideration is concerned). Thankfully, Dr. Parker IS covered, and I have a consult with him next week. He did a neighbor of mine, and she raves about the results. I'm just hoping I have half as much luck if/when surgery becomes necessary!

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  21. Please, do have you any idea about hip surgeon (FAI - CAM) in Brazil, specifically in Curitiba - PR (southern Brazil). Thanks a lot!


  22. I am so sorry I do not, that is not to say someone from this blogs forums doesn't so please join up and as again in the facebook hip forum help sites:
    Support group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FAIhip/

    Best FAI hip surgeons reviews forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BestHipSurgeonsReviews/

    Will look out for you Rafael and try help where I can, Best wishes, Louisa Weeks - Browning.

  23. Anyone have any ideas for a surgeon in Ma or ?NH

  24. Dr. Alston Stubbs, Winston Salem NC did my right hip July 2008. I had GREAT success. I live in Lexington, Ky. I am now having a lot of trouble with my Left hip. I hate to make the trip back to NC, & have a different type of insurance now:-(. I can not imagine anyone but Dr. Stubbs for FAI surgery.

  25. Are there any good surgeons that anyone knows about in Virginia or DC or Maryland?

  26. I'm on Vancouver Island in Canada. I injured my hip in April 2009 and because I wasn't improving I went for physio. She suspected a labral tear. I was diagnosed by MRI with a labral tear and CAM FAI in November 2010. In September 2010 I started to have discomfort in my lower back. I saw a surgeon in Jan 2011 who said that I had some arthritis that had become symptomatic. Ugh. He was going to give me cortisone. No way. I lived with the pain - went for acupuncture, chiropractic, reiki, massage, did yoga - finally, 4 years later, doing prolotherapy which doesn't seem to be helping and it's very expensive. The pain has gotten worse over the years. I have an appointment with that same surgeon later this month. I am hoping he can help since the surgery is now done more often. I am hoping he can do the surgery or at least recommend someone who does. Can you recommend any surgeons in Western Canada who do the surgery?

  27. I live in Alaska and we are uninsured. Not a great combination. My 17 yo athlete daughter needs FAI surgery. I am looking into Shriners hospital. Anyone have suggestions? I will look at groups on facebook.

  28. I need the name of a good surgeon in Milwaukee, WI. I cannot go to chicago due to insurance. Any ideas? Thank you.

  29. I'm 51 years old. Is that too old for this surgery? Milwaukee, WI David

  30. FAI can cause bad testicle pain for guys, correct? I'm sorry for a third comment. The testicular pain is beyond description. It's been three or four years and I cannot take it anymore. I've had all other tests/ possibilities ruled out.

  31. Yes it can, not well documented but I have occasionally heard men ask this, obviously like your docs, its not the first thing I would suspect but with all other symptoms ruled out I think you can consider it. Do you have any other pain symptoms in that area?

  32. For people looking for surgeons in places not listed, there is a slowly, ever growing list and it might be worth you while coming the best hip surgeons reviews on facebook, or to the Hip Impingement Awareness group on facebook, our Hip Impingement awareness group has 3 FAI hip surgeons who participate, from the UK and US and also 3 physio/PT's from the UK, US and Australia, so between them could also probably point you towards a reputable FAI surgeon in your area. Also the Hip Impingement Awareness group is closed, so only members can see what you're discussing. Its a fantastic resource for what ever stage you are at, in this FAI journey, Best Wishes, Louisa Weeks - Browning

  33. Hi, I am a Fireman in Los Angeles, that has played sports all my life, in Sept. 2011 I tore my right hip labrum (mri) and was told I needed a new hip, which I refuse to believe. I have seen chiros, massage therapy, body alignment clinics and physical therapy. Although my strength and some flexibility has improved I still cannot get my right knee any closer to my chest that before, and have constant pain. I know it is FAI. I would like to know if you could recommend anyone in the Los Angeles Area.

  34. Hi Dan, I personally don't, BUT if you join my advice grp on facebook, there are over 1200 members, of which at least half are American, plus we have 3 surgeons and 3 PT's, so someone will point you in a good direction. A rough 3 years for you then, esp tough, I imagine, in your career. We are here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FAIhip/

    1. Hi Louisa,
      thanks for the input, I did find a Dr. I will try... http://www.gerhardtmd.com/
      I did go on the facebook and joined the group. It is nice to read about the good results, I also will post of my
      before and after as it happens, to help others like myself.

  35. How is Dr yen at Boston children's hospital?

  36. Thanks for all the info! Has anyone heard of or had surgery with Dr. Omer-Mei Dan in Colorado? I am scheduled for bilateral arthroscopy next month with him, and nervous that I am making the wrong choice because he is not well known yet. Any feedback would be appreciated!

  37. I just had surgery yesterday and decided to start a blog. I used your site over and over again before having surgery so I first wanted to say thank you!!! Also, if you could put a link to my blog on your site that would be great. Its my first blog every so its not as extensive as yours, but thought it would be a good addition for people researching or worried about the surgery... thank you again!!


  38. Any surgeons in Wichita Kansas?

  39. Any suggestions for top FAI surgeons in Taiwan? recently moved to Taiwan and all the activity (walking/hiking) has highlighted this issue, where before I had never noticed/felt it.

  40. I was recently diagnosed with FAI pincer in Manitowoc Wisconsin. Can you recommend a surgeon who has a special interest with FAI in my area?

  41. My son is a 20 year old aspiring professional soccer player recently returned from Germany where diagnosed with bi lateral FAI while trialing with professiona clubs. Now home in Vancouver BC Canada and need assistance finding a local specialist with the latest technique and skillset. Found several specialists locally however dont know who if any to go with as I really do not know what to ask of them. Willing to travel to USA if cost is reasonable.

    1. Dr. Guanche in Los Angeles is excellent and very experienced in the arthroscopic procedures. I had a surgery with him for labral tear and FAI back in 2006. Not sure about the cost these days, you will need to inquire... http://www.scoi.com/our-experts/carlos-guanche-md
      All the best to your son.

  42. Please come to the facebook sites as there is a best surgeons and a hip impingement awareness site too. Then you have access to people in your area, best able to recommend.

  43. Hi Louisa,
    I was diagnosed with right FAI and labral tear in 2009 by Dr. John O'Donnell. He advised that I would need surgery but I did not proceed as the symptoms abated.
    4 years later after a skiing accident the symptoms returned and this time I was diagnosed with bilateral FAI. I had a follow up appointment appointment with Dr. O'Donnell who indicated the joint space was now too narrow due to OA changes in the hip. Interestingly a radiographer has compared the x-rays from 2009 & 2013 and there is almost no difference. Maybe Dr. O'Donnell has become more conservative in the last 4 years.
    I would like to get a second opinion on whether the FAI can be addressed or whether my only option is a THR. Have you had feedback on any other specialists in Melbourne, Australia? I note there are options for cartilage mapping to determine the extent of the degeneration. Dr. O'Donnell did his second diagnosis based on a plain x-ray.
    Thanks for providing a wonderful forum.
    Regards, James.

  44. I had surgery by Dr Byrd in Nashville and was extremely pleased. I do not think you could find a better surgeon. While he continually has professional athletes from all sports in his office, he treats normal people with the same care and respect. I have met people in his office who travels from other countries for him to operate on thier hip. Thank-you Dr. Byrd for a sucessful surgery and getiing rid of years of pain.

  45. Do you have suggestions for Western Canada?

    1. Hi Heather
      I am also looking for an FAI surgeon and we are in Vancouver. Dr. Gilbart is reported to be the best in our area however i am wanting to find the best possible in Canada and willing to travel. There are several in the USA but with the exchange and their huge medical costs it will easily be 60K for each hip there. Please let me know if you have found a surgeon thanks

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    3. Hello Heather. I hope you have found a surgeon out west.
      I also have fai here in Ontario. Several xrays over the past year and two mri imaging. Found out yesterday OHIP no longer will pay for arthroscopic fai surgery for patients over 40 year. This was from Dr Beaule in Ottawa who was one of our best at this procedure.
      I am a retired firefighter and 53 years old. No arthritis noticed by three doctors but both hips have fai causing pain.
      Told yesterday by a great THR surgeon that the problem for me is with no arthritis and only fai I am not eligible for THR. I will have to waite for several years for arthritis to form.
      Several years ago I went to Cleveland Clinic for a herniated L4/5 disc microdescectomy that went amazing. Waite times then we're 2 years for the procedure in Ontario.
      Thinking of going back the for an opinion and assessment. They are amazing and do give discounts for out of country patients and you can claim the expenses on our tax returns.
      Ironically my back surgeon Dr Orr is head of their spine department and the head of hip arthroscopy is Dr Brookes. They are both CANADIANS who left our OHIP system.
      Our present health care system in Canada is broken. Excellent care to keep us alive but when it comes to pain and quality of life we would sooner let our people sit in pain. We apparently are one of the highest consumers of pain medicatons and have the most pain clinics per capita in the G7.
      No wonder Justin Trudeau wants to legalize pot so we can sit at home at least high dreaming of the life we could be living.

  46. Any surgeons in the Philadephia, Pa. area?

  47. Any surgeons in the Philadephia, Pa. area?

  48. I am amazed on the rarity of these providers. The real crisis is that people are losing everything they have waiting for treatment. In the US, my spouse could get NOTHING from Dr. Byrd in Nashville. I'm sure there are those who he helped earlier and they are better for having the procedure. I have no doubt his contributions to the field have been commendable. HOWEVER.... there comes a time in the life of every professional when you decide to retire. The attitude in his office is similar to the scene in "The Wizard of Oz". No one gets in to see the Wizard-- not nobody; not no how. We had all the tests and just needed a surgery date to save my husband's job. 3 months later... not a peep.

  49. I like your post because shares how to get best fai hip surgeons.

    cost of hip replacement

  50. A great list! After having a failed 2012 labral tear repair, I also decided to go to 'the best' (Dr. Kelly at HSS in NYC) as both hips needed surgery. I'm only 8 weeks post op, but already it's 100x better than the recovery in 2012, and this time it's both hips!

    What I heard repeatedly was that the best in the US are --> Dr. Kelly (NYC), Dr. Philippon (Colorado), Dr. Byrd (Tennessee)

    I wholeheartedly agree that it is worth it to go to the best if there is anyone out there looking for pre op advice.

  51. A fantastic blog with a lot of useful information. I would love to get updates from you. Keep blogging. All the best. Best Orthopedic Surgoen in Bahrain

  52. Andrea Herzka, MD in Portland, Oregon is one of the few surgeons on the West Coast who do this. My brother was recently successfully operated on by Dr. Herzka. He was told she is one of the few on the West Coast, the other being a surgeon in San Fransico.

    1. Thanks so much for this info. I was looking for Doctors in Portland, OR. Have been in pain for 6 years. at last diagnosed at Mayo Clinic but want the surgery closer to home. your supporting Dr. Herzka takes some of the stress off. Thank you again.

  53. Feeling lucky to read an informative post about health and Treatments. I found Orthopedic Doctors in Clermont FL for free health tips.

  54. Thank you so much for all your trouble in writing this and also in finding good surgeons out there for your readers.
    Would it be at all possible for you to recommend a surgeon in Cape Town, South Africa for me please....it would help a stack. Thanks in advance, Barbara

  55. Are there any top surgeons for Torn Hip Labrum in Florida

  56. Hoping to get added to FB group... Anyone in AZ have surgery with a local Dr?

  57. Ireland? I came a cross Dr. James Casman and Dr. Jonathan Bunn. Would anyone recommend one of them? Thanks L.

  58. hello, please if you know european surgeons list them as well. I am looking for best surgeons in Europe, no matter the country. Thank you

  59. I am searching about ENT over the Internet I found your blog can you refer me best best ent doctor avicenna hospital lahore? Thanks

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