FAI Hip Impingement (Femoro-acetabular Impingement)

FAI Hip Impingement Awareness facts - It is estimated that approximately 15% of the young, adult population have hip impingement, so who do you know that might have it?
Hip impingement causes painful labral tears within the hip socket.
Hip FAI symptoms are misleading to the average medical professional, as FAI hip impingement pain frequently presents as low back pain and interesting only 10% of back pain is ever clinically diagnosed and cured... Which begs the question what percentage is actually caused by hip FAI or hip impingement, as its otherwise known.
The more active you are, the more likely you are to trigger hip impingement symptoms, so busy mums and gym bunnies beware... but at least you're in good company as many premiere league football players have also suffered FAI hip pain.
Hip impingement is diagnosed through x-ray and labral tears are diagnosed through MRI arthograms - but both need to be read by hip consultants specifically trained in FAI hip impingement.
There are 60,000 hip replacements every year in the UK and it now appears that FAI hip impingement, over the years, could be the leading cause of hip osteoarthritis. A silent epidemic.
Hip arthroscopy can reduce the hip impingement and reattach the torn labrum to the hip socket. This surgery can eliminate the pain and disability caused by FAI hip impingement and divert the need for hip replacement in later life.

Also please feel welcome to join in our help and advice forum for support. We have 3 advising FAI expert hip surgeons, 3 PT/physios and a sports medicine doctor as well as the largest international FAI hip impingement forum on the net:

Friday, 31 July 2009

Hip arthroscopy rehab day 21

Day 21 in the hip recovery house! Amazing to think it was 3 weeks today was the scary op, seems ages ago.
Well the recovery feel slow, although I have bursts every few days of progress. I can now put my own shoes on and walk with a lot more weight through my legs/hips and less weight through the crutches.

I have abandoned my new PT, basically hip arthroscopy rehab appears to be core exercises, nothing so specialist and cycling. I can do the cycling myself and I'm going back to my original physio Louise, who spotted I might have a hip, rather than back problem, because I know she'll follow Professor Shilders book and she knows my body pre op too. Also she won't push me unnecessarily (I'm not an elite athlete, just a super active person.)
Another big plus is that she is brilliant at trigger point massage which gives amazing relief to the muscle spasm. I get a lot of muscle spasm around pain sites. I'm hoping it'll go, as the problem is resolved.

Yesterday I walked all the way around the quarter mile green, see pics,where we live. First time I have been able to do that, still with crutches obviously. After week one I walked a quarter of it and had to go to bed with exhaustion, kid you not! At week two, I managed a quarter and felt great after and then at almost 3 weeks I clattered my way around the whole green.. so baby steps in the right direction.

One thing nobody warned me was how much I would HATE my crutches, the clattering noise as I rattle around the house, the way they won't stay put and slide over leaving you stranded, the way they really hurt your hands, the way they get stuck on the fat bits of your upper arms, the way the stoppers get stuck under doors you're trying to open them. A couple of plus, is that if you swing on your crutches it really engages your core and I'm getting great muscles in my upper arms. The real killer with crutches is the way people see you when you're on crutches, or don't see 'YOU'!

When I was on the green the other day, a workman drove past staring at me and I thought "Great! Still haven't lost it then!' I know that's vain, but its true.. and then he gave me a pitying smile and I realized he was looking at my crutches, not me and I was gutted!! I wanted to hop after his van shouting not "no, no its only temporary!"
Its because there's no visible injury that you get these pitying looks, when you're out and about. I was thinking of getting a fake pot for my leg, because then people come up and say "ooh what did you do??" and I can say 'Oh I fell of my surf board/para glider/quad bike!" and still have sympathy and look cool, as opposed to the kind of sympathy that inspires pitying looks and avoidance!

Pain wise not taking any meds, unless I feel the pain at night. I feel very uncomfortable if I raise my leg a lot higher the 90 degrees, or if I sit too long still and at night sometimes, I usually get about 6 hrs pain free but after that it can start to feel like a hamster is gnawing away at my bones in my hip, deep pain.
Is this normal 3 weeks post op?
To me the most worrying thing about this is that was how I was pre op, should the pain go immediately the offending bone protrusion is cut away, or should the same triggers still hurt? Am I really unable to tell if I'm improving until about 6 months, or is that something consultants say to buy time? You can't help but ask yourself these questions as you are always monitoring your hip whether you like it or not, partly its protective and instinctive.
I suppose I'm going to have to google some hip arthroscopy forums for FAI and see if anyone else has similar progress after hip arthroscopy for FAI pincer and labral detachment. The trouble is, hip arthroscopy is used to address many different types of problems within the hips, with varying degrees of wear and tear and degeneration, so rarely are there two cases exactly the same.

Also I'm leaning A lot onto my good hip, think of the tower of pisa and you're there! Thats because it hurts to put my weight through my operative hip, is that normal? I was actually leaning a bit like that pre-op, unknowingly taking pressure off my damaged hip.

Time for a session on the exercise bike, I have started to lean forward a bit to keep increasing my hip range of movement (ROM) and cycle slower when I do that.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Hip arthroscopy rehab day 18 hip improving

Hip is improving again. Think I got away with the fall. I still have some groin pain, but all is easing again. The hip arthroscopy scars are totally minimal, as you can see.

One thing I hadn't considered was that simultaneous to the fall I'd also started a new physio therapy regime. This is much more intense than my book of exercises from the surgeon and I hadn't considered this.  The surgeon's exercises differ somewhat in intensity and difficulty and perhaps in part due to one of the physio's on that team actually undergoing a hip arthroscopy herself. This helped tailor them with inside knowledge. I would've had PT with the Capio Clinic, or Yorkshire Clinic as its now known, but as I can't drive and its too far away for my hubby to drive me as takes too
much time out of running his business.

When I compared the exercises I realized that I went from 40 leg slides a day to 150. Also 150 bridge exercises, which in my book from Surgeon isn't to be done until week 5 and I'm in week 3, plus with the bridge I have to tie something around my knees and pull against it whilst doing the bridge.
A new exercise I was given also, that was to lie on my front, flex my knees to 45 degrees and press my heels together. That and the bridge exercise are glute exercises I discovered when I googled and I just can't do glutes.
My problem is sometimes that people don't understand I'm not like a lot of Hip Arthroscopy patients who are super fit athletes, I've had this problem for 6 yrs and whilst fit before the problem I'm less so now and my glutes are totally out of whack. I wonder if my new PT took this into consideration.
Also the last exercise he gave me was to raise my knee as close to me chest as possible before it hurts and hold, only 5 reps of those. That worries me least, he thought that would worry me most, but I could squat before surgery no real problem. So now I'm wondering if I'm seeing someone a bit too proactive for my personal needs. When I resume physio in a day or so I think I'll do considerably less than 150 reps of anything and listen to my body! I'm keeping cycling, that seems to be a key to hip arthroscopy rehab.

Mentally ok. Pretty bored now almost 3 weeks into hip arthroscopy recovery. Most certainly the hardest part is the not really knowing if I'm recovered, or will be ..its very much a 'wait and see' process, where no conclusion is really drawn until 6 months post hip arthroscopy... I imagine there must be clear pointers though from 3 months. I know each time I push my hip I will pay and that is how it was pre op and because of that, it will be hard for even me to draw conclusions and I imagine hard not to lose heart at times. But got to stay positive.
I have support from a now stressed out hubby, who is working full time and looking after 4 yr old Oscar and 9 month old Isabella, when they're are not been looked after by my super helpful Mum, or nursery.

I am very keen to be there, without crutches or a limp, for his first day at school on 10th September this year. He's already stopped calling for me if he wants anything, he knows I can't facilitate his needs and so looks to others and Isabella cries and now looks past me, for a person she knows will pick her up, its REALLY HARD as a Mum to be out of action.
One thing that does make me laugh now though is that when she hears me coming, clattering along on my crutches like a granny, she perks up and waits for me with a big beaming smile!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Hip arthroscopy rehab day 16 accident

Does anybody know how bad it would be to stumble down some stairs. I am devastated. I have no idea how it happened I think I stumbled down the second but last stair and then kind of propelled forward and stopped myself with my bad foot/leg/hip and my opposite crutch, but my operated hip got such a jolt because I was wearing crocs and they don't slip, so my stop was sudden.

I felt vague pain, not agony and have been in pain since. I'm so annoyed with myself as I have been super careful and last night stopped needing drugs at all and today even took a couple of steps without crutches.

Is it possible to undo my surgeons work? Is it possible to do real damage, undo, break anchors? Really distraught. I'm not in agony, but deep constant pain? Have I just caused inflammation, or could I have done damage????????
Any knowledge welcome and appreciated!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Hip arthroscopy rehab day 14 consultation

Had my 2 week post op appointment with Prof Schilders and I think it went well. I was told not to be so afraid of movement and pushing my boundaries. The operation apparently went well.
The surprising news was that the labrum wasn't torn, it was detached from the acetabulum (hip socket), which I think is good news, as it won't be prone to re-tear. The labrum has been re-anchored to my hip socket.
I gather the arthritis (wave sign) was taken away and that the progress of arthritis will have been halted, though only time, approx 10 yrs can truly confirm this likelihood.
The impingement on the hip bone socket was taken away and a little extra shaved off my femur to give full clearance on flexion. I should be ok now to slowly improve day by day.

My initial pain score pre-op was quite bad, which means improvement may be slow and I think possible a bit bumpy ..but frankly as long as I keep improving I'm happy. My current pain 2 weeks post-op is at a similar level to where it was pre-op, so if it keeps getting better from now, frankly it'll be wonderful and I 'might just' get my life back, you never know!

Range of movement (ROM) seems to be increasing day by day, as does what I can do. I can reach to shave 'all' my leg from knee to ankle - hurrah! Otherwise it might've looked like I had one furry ankle leg warmer!

Scars are next to nothing, though I wouldn't care too much if they were otherwise, as long as I can enjoy basic activities again like dining out, movies, sitting on the floor with the kiddies, sitting on a plane without diazapam ..no wait, that's quite a nice experience, but you get the picture ..just the day to day stuff which is surprisingly important when taken away!

I have been able to stop taking medication throughout the day, but still take either co-codamol or diclofenac (stomach burner) at night because that's when I get the deep bone ache feeling.

There are so many negative cases out on the net, which by nature of the net makes sense. Those who get well, disappear and get on with their lives. Those who don't, thrive on google, forums and blogs. Pre-op patients also thrive on google, forums and blogs and I wonder therefore, if we pre-ops and recovering patients get a skewed gloomy version of reality and likelihood of recovery.
Its too early to draw conclusions, I might end up an unresolved case myself, I hope not. I hope I get well and continue to post a good recovery, showing that even after 6 painful misdiagnosed years, it is possible to recover from femoral acetabular impingement (FAI).

Anyway all in all my recovery appears uneventful and average - which is exactly what I'm aiming for! Right going to see if I can still do cartwheels!! .....only teasing ;)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hip Arthroscopy rehab- day 12 Exercise rehab

It is an absolute must with hip arthroscopy rehabilitation for FAI and labral tear surgery that you do the basic exercises given. They are essential for keeping/increasing your ROM (range of movement) and some strength. Basically if you don't do exercise, or be active, your hip joint can seize up to varying extents post surgery.
Feeling really good today, suddenly I can flex my quads and put a little weight on my leg/hip.
Doing all the exercises for my hip arthroscopy rehabilitation and have been from day two.
There is a hip abduction exercise - easy peasy.
Quad tensing exercises - fine but for the incision points.
Transverse abdominus - yep in tune! After 3 years of trying to get better through physio etc without knowing the problem, I can do isometric and core exercises in my sleep!
Glutes now that's my weakness, do that and I have a pain flare within hours.
Piriformis stretch isn't enough for me and it pinches my groin, so I do very little of those, my piriformis has been troublesome since all my pain began, but I need stronger exercises to stretch this and they are off limits for the time being.
Quad stretch is suddenly easier today, no idea why. Adductor stretch just unsure how far to go..
Quadrupled rocking is I think a pain flare trigger, but that makes sense as if you rock diagonally onto operated hip that's a lot of pressure, so I might reintroduce this one in some days and see if possible.
Standing hip internal rotation - not sure this one, so I'm waiting until I see Prof Schilders before trying.
Heel slides I could do on day 3 for relief so don't need a cord, they're easy to me.
Cycling on stationary bike I only do 15 - 20 x 2 per day, should be longer but really hurts to sit on saddle still after a while! That was possible from day 2.
'Hip arthroscopy rehabilitation' is time consuming but you do feel day by day progression, which helps mentally also and lets face it I'm going nowhere for the time being! I keep my stationary bile at the foot of the bed, no excuses for forgetting then!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hip Arthroscopy rehab- day 11

Surgery notes arrived!

Diagnosis: pincer abnormality with labral tear of right hip and wave sign of acetabular cartilage.
Procedure: Arthroscopy of right hip.

Installation of traction and use of image intensifier to assess adequate traction of the hip.
Normal distraction.(able to dislocate hip)

Installation of anterolateral and anterior portal.(cut me open x2 front thigh)
ACETABULUM - A large wave sign of the acetabular cartilage was noted between 12 and 3 o clock. (think sign arthritis) Acetabular rim trimming performed.Black and decker away some hip socket)
LIGAMENTUM TERES - Found to be normal.
FREMORAL HEAD - A kissing lesion noted due to pincer abnormality.(hip hits leg when flexed - ouch!)
LABRUM - A labral tear was noted, which was repaired with 2 bioraptor suture anchors.(spot of sewing)

Release of traction and installation of anterior and anterolateral portals. Systematic inspection of the peripheral compartment. A cam deformity was noted, which was decompressed.(surprise boney lump on thigh bone, power tools back out again!)

Crutches for 4 weeks partial weight bearing.(bloody inconvenient)
Removal sutures one week
Anti-inflammatories.(Burn the crap out of your stomach)

So thats what they did... pass me a bucket!!!!!!

Ps Pain up and down. Surviving. Appointment with Proff Schilders in 3 days. Phone consultation with him today assures me feeling pain is normal after suffering for six years and advises I resume medications (went off anti inflammatories again as even with PPI's still setting my stomach on fire!)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Hip arthroscopy rehab - day 9

Had a shower ALONE, ALONE, ALONE, wuhoo.. I can see there will be small victories ahead!
Teeny weeny walk yesterday absolutely knackered me! Took about 20 mins to go 50 yards and back, then had to go to bed! Won't be entering the Olympics yet then.
Feel rubbish today, really sore throat and temp 100 degrees, probably swine flu knowing my luck at the moment ..be really annoying to go through hip arthroscopy for FAI and then pop my crocs over swine flu!!
Its not swine flu by the way...hmm wait, I wonder if I should google swi..........

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Hip Arthroscopy rehab - day 8

Doing it again searching.. 'FAI' FAI pincer' 'hip Arthroscopy' 'hip pain' hip pain sitting' and my latest anxiety 'FAI impingment posteria'... I'm worrying whether Prof Schilders trimmed all the acetebular rim. I just assumed he would, but as its tumbleweed silence for weeks until follow up, I frankly have no idea what he's done. He could've removed my brain and filled my head with clangers and wombles for all I know!

It's just so much of my pain was on sitting and on/around my bottom (piriformis?) and I'm wondering, given my two beautiful teeny tiny scars at the front of my thigh, if he could even reach the posteria?!..Not saying I'm a bit porker by the way!

Seems to be most of this process is about terror and boredom! The anxiety waiting to see if someone can diagnose your agony = 6 yrs, the terror leading up to the op = 6 weeks and now the post op fears as I wait to be allowed to put pressure on my hip = least 1 month and get of crutches and no doubt the terror when you do and it hurts = ?!

Sorry I'm being negative and slightly schitzophrenic...but I have been staring at the same four walls for the most part of 8 days... think I'm going to venture out for a mini walk on my now very annoying crutches, see if I can blow away some cobwebs...and clangers and wombles?!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Hip Arthroscopy rehab - day 7

No idea why, perhaps because I took it easier yesterday and hurray my hip pain has calmed back down! It still hurts but mostly when I lay flat or sit (although that was the case pre-op so I hope that is not a sign op hasn't worked!?) I guess I have to experience some hip pain and when I lay, sit or stand as that is when there is some pressure through the hips. I still haven't tried to put weight through my leg, to my right hip and not use my crutches, I'm too nervous to break the rules set by Prof Schilders.

I woke this morning leaning onto my bad side, it hurt a bit, but the fact I could sleep that way was something and I was also able to stretch and yawn without feeling like someone shoved a knife in my hip, so I woke up thinking progress..be positive!

Today I had to go for my stitches out, I have my blue badge thank god as I discovered I can't crutch v far at all. At the Docs an old (70yrs?) man, WITH A WALKING STICK, actually opened the door for me, I was like 'No you first' and he was "No, no YOU!" Hilarious! Then a second elderly man struck up a conversation with me, starting with "what are you doing with them??" nodding at my blinged up crutches! SO on my outing I discovered in the same way that women are attracted to babies and just come up and talk to you, old men are attracted to crutches and come up and talk to you!

Stitches - a doddle! First stitches felt nothing, second stitches a fraction stingy, but really can't complain..my 8 month old daughter pulling my hair and scratching my face hurts more! Also I can hardly believe how smaller mark there is considering he was fishing around for 3+ hours, incredible. I'll post them once I'm allowed to expose them to air, in a couple of days.

I can tell I feel better than the day before as I haven't been "googling all day"..all the variants 'fai pain' 'hip arthroscopy' hip labral tear' 'my hip surgery failed', 'my hip surgery worked' 'post op pain?' 'no pain?' 'some pain?' 'how much pain?' arrrrgggghhhh and its really annoying when you do that and then find....YOURSELF!
So the contrast in 24 hrs is clear as yesterday I hungrily and fearfully fed off everyone else's blogs and today I was able to venture out and it was lovely even though it was pouring rain, it never felt so good! ..Actually that's just not true, I hate the rain, it always rains and I was cursing, as it made my perfect GHD hair twang back into curls, but I was still grateful to be out!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Hip arthroscopy rehab - day 6

Ouch hip pain, bugger!
Dunno what I did, but have a big pain flare today in my operative hip???? Why why why?? Too much biking? Did full 20 mins today. Did all isometric exercises, that? Included the glute exercises which do fire up my piriformis muscles a lot, that? I did drop my meds to bare minimum ....and frankly saturn might be in Virgo, THAT!!?!
But that loss of control, of reason is VVV scary and reminiscent of the last 6 years of pain!
I've been super positive until today, frankly enjoying the rests and sleep-ins, but this pain coming from nowhere has me having a 'nervous meltdown' as the meerkat ad says (sorry non UK residents you wont get that!)
Well, bit more crap telly, choc mini roll (comfort food is new to me, but q liking it, v Bridget Jones I know!), some med and here's to hoping for a better day and swifter recovery!
Stitches out tomorrow - ekk!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Hip arthroscopy rehab - day 5

Well the hip pain is very manageable, in fact my good hip seems to be giving me more grief. My operative hip is hurting really only when I lay down flat and a bit on sitting. Otherwise it just feels different. I'm not on many meds at all now, today just had 2 paracetamol and 2 brufen, I save the big guns now for the night time. I'm sleeping for 10 - 12 hours at night, haven't slept like this since my teens, its fantastic!

Thought I'd add pics of me on crutches at hosp on day 2, still looks weird when I catch sight of myself on crutches! I have blinged them up (boredom!) No wonder sick people are depressed everything's grey or black! Here is my wound today, day 5. Two more days and stitches are out - scaredy cat again!

Right gotta go hit the exercise bike - dullsville!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Hip arthroscopy rehab - day 3

Little pain, last night aside when I slipped behind with medicines and was avoiding the diclofenac. At 2am took codine and diclofenac as in deep bone pain kinda pain. Somehow I thought I was quite tough after years of pain and probably didn't need the meds and their side effects! WRONG! Too soon to drop meds. That aside, still no real pain.

Lounging in bed a lot, mainly due to the intense nausea and slight dizziness that has me lose confidence been on crutches.

Getting some nice bruises, but think all the icing is really reduced swelling, as thigh seems to be not as huge as day one!
Doing the exercises, they seem quite token at the moment.. but the one exercise I'm keen to do is the stationary cycling and that is hard to do, not on the hips as I'd expected, but sitting on the saddle!! I think my bum maybe sore from traction, I don't feel it until I sit on the bike, then I really feel it!
Anyway day by day...blah blah and again my main problem seems to be recovering from the stress of the ordeal, plus the anesthetic and meds.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Hip Arthroscopy rehab - day 2

A quickie as still feeling really sickly and my mac makes me want to hurl! Basically putting aside how weird the anesthetic has me feel, sickly, emotional, dizzy, that aside, I'm feeling positive! Lounging in bed shattered but as you can see I have company!
Hip feels sore, but am able to do no resistance cycling and get about on crutches. Showering was a task though! Can't lift leg well. Cut down meds to codine and dropped diclofenac for neurofen as diclofenac also making me feel sick.
I am surprisingly comfortable...mostly just freaked by feeling knocked sideways by anesthetic and loss of independence!
Bruising minimal, am icing a lot. I have two incision points (only 2!) and I can't imagine how he fixed my labrum and took away my excess acetabulum bone and in the end also shaved the femur!? I keep looking at my hip and saying to my hubby that Prof Shilders must be an artist! But I still hold my breath as I wait to see how his surgery unfolds, if my pain goes.

I feel optimistic through the vomit inducing sensations of anesthesia!

Pics to follow - proof of at the v least tidy work! Funny really never even thought about the scarring side as long as I get my life back!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

FAI hip surgery.

FAI hip surgery, Hip Arthroscopy to end 6 years of FAI hip pain! So I had my hip surgery. Having a hip arthroscopy for FAI hip impingement and a labral tear felt very scary, but then this was my first experience of surgery, 'Yikes' as Scooby doo would say!!!! I'm still trembling 24 hrs after the hip arthroscopy, despite all surgery going well.
I arrived at 7am for my hip arthroscopy at the Capio Clinic Bingly, expecting to be in theatre by 8am, with 7am pre-med chill pill safely on board, for a one and a half hour op... err no! ...not allowed a pre-med and in retrospect I am amazed I held it together... had to wait until 8.45am before getting to theatre (45 mins extra is a long time without diazapam when you're terrified of surgery!!)
The anethetist informed me my op would be considerably longer than 1 hour 40 mins. Professor Shilders also visits pre-op to explain the hip arthroscopy procedure once again and to answer any questions. The shocker for me was to learn that my hip FAI pincer is in the top 5% of crapness, ie it doesn't get much worse. The norm is a 37 degree angle and mine is 58 degrees. I'd originally thought 50 degrees, but looks like 58 degree on closer scrutiny. Professor Shilders explains that this may mean he may not be able to distract (dislocate) my hip enough to access the joint the normal way and blah blah blah I've disappeared inside my own head with an attack of the OMG's!

I ask the surgeon and my anethetist all the obviously irritating questions, 'Will I die? Will I wake up mid op? Will I feel sick? Will I feel confused? Will I know who I am?" ..And to Professor Shilders 'please Can you keep the labrum? what if you can't keep the labrum? What if you get in there and there's no pincer impingement?' Hmm he raises an eyebrow.. (I suppose it is kind of conclusive if its one of the worst 5% of cases!) and most stupidly I ask 'is he sure my x-ray was the right way around, could he have my hips the wrong way around?' So kindly he patiently explains that 'that scenario' is very unlikely and the right hip is marked rather obviously with an 'R' and the left with an 'L'! I apologize..its nerves!

In theatre with the anethetist, I of course assert he uses my one and only available vain in my arm, he looks at my hand, pats it, takes the needle and gets a bullseye, with a 'what do you know!' look in his eyes. Still he'll never knock me out, never can with sedation.. why is anesthetic going to be any different?
"You going yet? He asks..."Nope, I'm fine.. ooh thats a funny taste in my mouth?"
"Now?" he asks... no, I just feel dizzz.." ZZZZZZZZZZZ BANG OUT!

The next thing is someone saying Louisa? Louisa? and I'm thinking go away this is a great sleep... I wake feeling a little sickly and thats dealt with immediately, a little cold and shivery and a warm cellular blanket appears. A little discomfort and its dealt with. Great I'm not confused and I'm not vomiting and perhaps sadly I still know just who I am!!
I see Professor Schilders and call out. He tells me all went very well. He was able to repair the tear, which is wonderful news. I was convinced it would be shreded after 6 years misdiagnosis, but no he was able to re-anchour it and the 2nd piece of great news is that there was hardly any arthritis, which can be like the glass ceiling to recovery. So I smile full of greatfulness and drift back with the fairies relieved and content.

The next time I wake up I am an NUTS... I wake up tearful, stressed and angry, all three emotions are on rotation, my 3 new alter egos taking turns to play centre stage. I go from asking one nurse if I can hold her hand for comfort, to begging another nurse to allow me to go home, to saying 'Oh for God's sake and just leave me alone' when some poor nurse comes to check that I'm ok.
My heart rate will not return below 100 beats per minute and I am wee-ing literally every half hour into a bedpan....these are the things that 'never' worried my because I didn't know they exsisted! And all the things I did worry happening in surgery, didn't happen!

The anesthetic makes me crazy and shakey. The morphine makes me itchy and feel like I forget to breath when I'm falling asleep. And I had 2 litres of water pumped through my system during the op, another litre in recovery and another litre in my room, plus on been told I might be 'dehydrated' due to surgery I drank another litre of water, 3 cups of tea and 3 mugs of hot milk!!! I think I almost drown, no seriously aren't there safe amounts to drink? The duty doctors solution to my pounding heart was yet more water when he couldn't find an obvious reason for my raised beat!! I said no way! Anyway the upshot is 35 - 40 wee's in 12 hours. I am mostly traumatized by the whole water/wee thing. Couldn't sleep for weeing and anesthetic and morphine shakes and my heart was pounding like a wild man!

Pain wize I am been given regular pain pills to keep any pain at bay. But during the whole process I have felt, if anything, mild to moderate discomfort and have not been in any any pain as yet!

The next morning the physio arrived with crutches, partial weight bearing for 1 month bacause of the bone work - I will go insane! It feels surprisingly hard to use crutches, but in fairness its early days! It also makes you feel really really OLD!

So this is where I am at, just been home a few hours. Must dash, gotta crutch my way to the loo for yet another wee!!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

hip arthroscopy - 1 day to go

Well hip arthroscopy tomorrow and I feel suspiciously calm!

I shed a little tear today having to move Isabella's cot out of the bedroom and have her in her own room, so I can get around the room with crutches.. felt overly sentimental like its the end of her babyhood!

I have kept myself stupidly busy for weeks, even today, so I don't dwell. I took out some 'me time' last week and ended up having 'pity me time', so came home to avoid thinking too much!

Anyway, I'm all set and wish I could walk in right now, before I change my mind!

There is a little flash of excitement I scarcely dare acknowledge, that this might just change my life and have me pain free, or as good as! ....please, please, please, God, Santa, fairies, good spooks, whoever's listening!!

ps Kate thanks for your good wishes it means a lot xxx

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

hip arthroscopy - 2 days to go

Bought some new bedding ..if I'm going to have to recover in my bedroom I am going to do it in style!
Still winning the war with the cold, but only just!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Hip Arthroscopy - 3 days to go!

I feel physically sick with nerves! Luckily I have really aggravated my bad hip after a few good days had me almost forget the deep, deep almost toothache like endless pain of this injury, its a bone ache I'm sure..just awful and a good reminder I'm doing (please God) the right thing!

Fate has me so busy that each day is slipping by in an activity frenzy and also I feel I'm playing roulette as to whether I'll make it to surgery! My son had a really nasty cold, then today my daughter and my hubby (who is working in Frankfurt till tomorrow) also got wiped out by Oscar's cold and if I get so much as a whiff of this cold, thats it, hip surgery delayed and frankly I think I'll crack up if I get so close then have to cancel!!
Adding insult to injury I drafted my mum in, to help minimize cold catching (I mean she was looking after the snotties!)... and then today she started with a vomiting bug - Hurrah COMPLETE CHAOS!!!

I'm so strung out that I can't imagine how I'll get to 7am Frid Morning in one piece! To anyone who's already done this, you are heroes!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hip Arthroscopy - 5 days to go..

I'm not sure I need this surgery... don't know if the steroid kicked in delayed, or since discovered its my hips that are the problem and stopped guarding my back and instead guarded my hips; or in fact the pre-op level of adrenaline in my body is over- riding pain, but I swear I feel less pain!?!! I wonder if it was a 6 year phantom pain? Psychosomatic? My other hips worse... I'm wondering why I'm doing this, doing this in pain is easy, but when easing off... not so easy.

Another new anxiety I have a really sore throat, does that matter? can they still operate?? Without me dying/having heart attack/been really ill. My son alias Bug Boy has really bad cough and cold, I think I'm fighting it ...worried about surgery under par and in fact, in general, WORRIIIIEEEDDD!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Hip Arthroscopy - 6 days to go!

God I've turned into a thorough hip bore! I think and talk of little else!

I've been so busy trying to get things done and cleared out of the way for the hip surgery. I have two four bed houses, that I let out to professionals and this week alone I've had to: have a gas pipe fixed, a washer fixed, drains unblocked, all carpets cleaned and employ a cleaner..oh and the small matter of replacing 4, possibly more tenants! Arrgh...
Then I have my four yr old Oscar, have had to book him into full time nursery, take him to school introduction meetings (starting in Sept), buy his uniform. Then my 8 month old daughter, had to take her to tester nursery days. My Mum has retired to look after her for me during this, which is an absolute God send! However I want nursery on standby in case it becomes too much for her.
So been dealing with all that and a sea of paying bills and doing everything I can anticipate that I might need to do within 6 weeks of having my hip surgery. All that whilst lumping round a 23lb heffer baby!

I swing between amusement and self pity at the moment, with the underlying current of fear!

I have just got some mobility aids, as standing in the shower the other day I found myself thinking, how do I do this on one leg?!! Duh! So I bought a stool designed for an 80 yr old, so I can sit in the shower, sexy stuff eh!
I'm starting to look at my obstacle course, sorry house and wonder quite how I will get around it with crutches. I have been told to expect one month on crutches cos of the FAI bone work.
I'm thinking at home the doors aren't wide for me to get through on crutches (I'm not big by the way!) The coffee tables got to go and kids toys all over the floor???? In fact my house looks like one of those old joke 'spot the hazards at work' pictures!! And sorry to be such a girl but I've had the hair dryer hung on the wall so I don't have to reach to the floor and I'm wondering where I can put my GHD's so I can sit, still see in the mirror and use them without setting the house on fire.
I do think crutches should be given in advance I really need to practice NOW!

I have a list of Q's for my consultant pre surgery..top of the list been "Can I have a pre med right NOW please?"

My next question is: it says remove all cosmetics and nail polish but can I keep on 'toe' nail polish? (I've just had them done and soo pretty) and its not like I'll be able to reach them for sometime is it! ...Ah how the trivia is a blessing sent to distract!!!

I just want it over with now,though then theres' the mobility saga for a month or so and then theres' the 'has it worked?' Its very much a 3 stage procedure, no 4 stage.

1 Hip arthroscopy terror whilst waiting.
2 Hip arthroscopy to address labral tear and FAI bone work
3 Extensive rehab with mobility issues.
4 "Has it worked?" as you come out the other side

Statistics look quite good, there was a new 'medium term success rates' justifying in favour of hip arthroscopy, released this April 2009 in Europe, much input form Mr Byrd, showing very good statistics.
Though if you read the net it reflects quite a negative story, but then I have to remind myself that the people who get well just get on with their lives and its the only really the people who don't do so well who are left behind posting on forums.
Sports forums are generally more upbeat like 'cool runner' etc because they come back to help fellow sports people.

Anyway must dash, postmans' been want to check if my damn blue badge has arrived yet? THAT will be a godsend! I'm hoping to at least get out for the odd meal..
Oh just picture my poor hubby's tired face as he unloads from the car a jumping jack 4 yr old, a baby with pram and all the related paraphernalia and a wife on crutches!! Not sure if I want to laugh or cry!