FAI Hip Impingement (Femoro-acetabular Impingement)

FAI Hip Impingement Awareness facts - It is estimated that approximately 15% of the young, adult population have hip impingement, so who do you know that might have it?
Hip impingement causes painful labral tears within the hip socket.
Hip FAI symptoms are misleading to the average medical professional, as FAI hip impingement pain frequently presents as low back pain and interesting only 10% of back pain is ever clinically diagnosed and cured... Which begs the question what percentage is actually caused by hip FAI or hip impingement, as its otherwise known.
The more active you are, the more likely you are to trigger hip impingement symptoms, so busy mums and gym bunnies beware... but at least you're in good company as many premiere league football players have also suffered FAI hip pain.
Hip impingement is diagnosed through x-ray and labral tears are diagnosed through MRI arthograms - but both need to be read by hip consultants specifically trained in FAI hip impingement.
There are 60,000 hip replacements every year in the UK and it now appears that FAI hip impingement, over the years, could be the leading cause of hip osteoarthritis. A silent epidemic.
Hip arthroscopy can reduce the hip impingement and reattach the torn labrum to the hip socket. This surgery can eliminate the pain and disability caused by FAI hip impingement and divert the need for hip replacement in later life.

Also please feel welcome to join in our help and advice forum for support. We have 3 advising FAI expert hip surgeons, 3 PT/physios and a sports medicine doctor as well as the largest international FAI hip impingement forum on the net:

Sunday, 29 November 2009

hip arthroscopy recover wk 21 - yes its actually starting to happen, a recovery wuhoo

Yesterday was my first day of pain in a 7 day stretch of no pain, wuhoo, get that!!!!
There is definitely some improvement, dunno how or why, I think water exercises and time!
I absolutely have to recommend a great book I read 2 weeks ago on hip rehab, prehab and prevention called HEAL YOUR HIPS from Amazon by Robert Klapper (hip surgeon Sinai cedars) and Lynda Huey (physio to Paula Abdul, Cybil Shepard, Barbara Streisand and other hip patients, non of whom limp so that's a good sign!!)
It concentrates on water exercise to get your hip right. Bizarrely instinctively I was doing most of the exercises anyway, but for me it was a great book because it told me how to do the exercises properly, for maximum benefit. For anyone getting into the water alone, wanting to see big improvements this book is your best friend... I couldn't wait to read it each night! God, I really have become a hip bore haven't I?!

I have noticed my hip clunks more, like a normal (to me!) joint, I think it is because the inflammation has reduced allowing the joint some movement and basically the pain has, not gone, but significantly decrease, to uncomfortable... yippee, just a shame simultaneously my other hip's grumbling is getting louder!!! I am though still living a partially restricted life, with regards to activity and sitting, though my tolerance IS increasing.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

hip arthroscopy recovery 20 and half weeks

29th January 2010 - BOOKED SECOND HIP OPPPPPPP (biting nails, breathing heavily, upturned eyebrows,) Arrgghhghghghghghgh

Sunday, 22 November 2009

hip arthroscopy FAI recovery week 20

Have a sneaky feeling things MAYBE improving, but almost don't want to say it out loud in case I jinx the mear thought!
I am working out a little less, half hour every odd day, rather than an hour a day.. (something someone said - thanks Sam!) I think that's working better, I was doing water exercises fanatically, but frankly it was just an indication of my desperation to get fixed!
I've noticed another minuit thing, I no longer waddle when I first get up, another small sign right?? Right?
The improvements are tiny, but in the right direction, just tiny!
OOh also starting to walk up the stairs consecutively, rather than one at a time like my 4 yr old.

SO at week 20, no medication other than the odd heat patch. Constant awareness of hip discomfort, but tipping over into full on pain occurring a little less, though I am still restricting all sitting, lifting, standing activities to maintain that position.
I am walking upstairs bit better, not waddling, walking sideways is possible and walking in general is better! I almost feel a ticker tape parade coming!! ... is that a fanfare?

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

pavlik harness and CHD Congenital hip dysplasia - baby

Baby hip dysplasia and the pavlik harness is something I've been meaning to cover. Should you have a hip problem, like myself, it is worth getting your babies double checked. They say first born girls and breech are most likely to develop this, my daughter was neither, she was second born and cephalic presenting. My personal experience with my daughter Isabella is below and also I have set up a facebook support group forum at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HipDysplasiaInBabies/ which is a great place to meet other parents in the same boat.
My daughter, now one, slipped through the hospital first day check, health visitor's first week check and doctor's 6 week check. They spread the legs backward to see if the hips click and dislocate. The trouble is, that does not cover all the bases..My daughter, Izzy, her hips never actually dislocated out of the socket.

By 4 and a half months my hubby and myself grew increasingly concerned at Izzy's leg length discrepancy, we had passed it off as that new born twisted, scrunched up look, they often have as newborns and so had the professionals. I was reassured several times over. Until one day the LLD Leg length discrepancy struck me as dramatically obvious. I googled it (thank God for google!!) and she ticked a lot of the boxes and thought I'm almost sure this is her problem. Then took her back again to my GP.
He insisted 1cm LLD was normal ..I pointed out 1 cm on an adult maybe, but on a baby 56cms long, I wasn't so sure he was right that that was normal. At this time I had no idea I had a hip problem too, just ongoing pain from 'something' and said I wasn't prepared for them to also miss something on my daughter and wouldn't leave without a scan for her!

I got the scan for Izzy 2 weeks later and she did have hip dysplasia. Her acatabulum was 10 degrees away from normal and was too shallow. For some reason and they said congenital, her left hip hadn't fully developed. They asked who had a hip problem within my immediate family, I said no-one that I knew of, the irony! (within a month I found out my mystery pain of 6 years was my hip too)

She was immediately put into a pavlik harness.

The pavlik harness was something I'd worried about a great deal when reading up on dysplasia, but its actually very straight forward to use. It's light, its easy to wash and its best for you if you make permanant ink marks where the straps are set so you can KNOW where to fasten it if you take it off and want to put it back on and you'll become aware when they're growing too as the markers need to move. It can cause babies to have a little more wind that usual, but certainly in our case nothing significant.
The biggest nightmare was her wardrobe. She couldn't wear trousers, babygrows (unless super large) or any dress that wasn't designed to flare out as they would simply ride up to tee shirt height! So she wore party dresses the whole time because they all kicked out at the chest like little princess dresses!!
The other difficulty was seating her. Our pram, the bugaboo was fine and I believe the quinny zap is wide and good with a harness also, probably the vest in my experience because of its wide seat shape. The stoke highchair also fine. Maxi cosi rear facing car seat was ok, with a little cushion under her bottom to boost her and allow her hips to spread out. I also understand there is a special britax seat designed for this should your child be older, or in a pot version. There are products, but it can get expensive and it seems unnecessary for hopefully such a temporary length of time.

So at a LATE four and a half months (best results, if applied before 6 weeks) she began wearing her pavlik harness. Initially 24 hours everyday for 6 weeks. At the end of six weeks she only moved 1 degree and they said surgery would be the next step should she not progress and to brace ourselves as she was now six months and very few babies made progress after 6 months. However we went along with it, for another 6 weeks of wearing the pavlik harness night and day. She was allowed an hour of per day, but we couldn't see the point, other than for bathing, as it upset her more to put it back on. Once on, she barely noticed the pavlik harness, although in the final weeks seemed to kick against it. In the last month she suddenly had a growth spurt and this I am 100% sure is what caused the harness to suddenly work as at our next assessment she progressed the full 10 degrees! We were stunned! Thank you thank you thank you is all we could think.

She worn the pavlik harness until seven and a half months old. It delayed her sitting at six months, but within literally 2 weeks of the pavlik harness coming off, she could sit unaided AND CRAWL!! The harness actually really strengthened her legs! Now she is walking and ahead of a lot of her peers, which is a real shock! Do not fear it will hold your child back. Having said that as you can see just after the harness was removed she did sit in THE MOST unladylike fashion!!
We do still however have a couple of concerns, in that she favours her good leg and there is still a twist to her, but we are assured all is well and that as she becomes more mobile, using all those muscles, that these problems will disappear.

All in all its not the most pleasant thing to put your baby through, but honestly it'll probably irritate you more than them, Your biggest problems will be highchairs and clothes (but girls, its a great excuse to buy all those frufru dresses and they go for a song, virtually unworn other than for the odd occasion, on ebay!)

She has just had her one year assessment and all is looking well ...so most importantly we might just have saved her from a lifetime of pain and operations.
Ironically it prompted those around me to consider my hip as the source of my 6 year unexplained pain, so 'she' probably also saved me from a lifetime of pain too!

Anyone readying this retrospectively contact me directly if you need any help/advice re how to cope with the pavlik harness etc, I'm at louisa.w@virgin.net

ps ask for 2 pavlik harness from the hospital, they won't automatically give you two and should you have a spill or nappy disaster it makes life easier!

I have just set up a facebook support group, in the groups section of facebook called 'hip dysplasia in babies' (clicky hips or CHD, DDH) I have put on LOTS of links to advice pages, to make it easier for others to search for advice, equipment, help. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HipDysplasiaInBabies/
Also as more people find this facebk support group, we can help each other.

Best of luck!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

hip arthroscopy recovery week 19

I wonder when the post hip arthroscopy dateline will be described in months as opposed to weeks?? Its like when you have a baby, you describe them as say 14 weeks old, but at some point you flick over to months - where is that line? (sorry only Mum's will understand that!) Yes, here's my 100092 week old daughter, I mean 18 year old!
Anyhow v happy as my daughter's Doc rang Sat morning after her one year, or 52 week! follow up x-ray for hip dysplasia and was happy to tell us he is pleased with her hip reduction and that all is well, although they will continue to monitor her. She started walking yesterday, she does though appear to have a limp, but it is v v early days and they're saying it could just be a hangover from the hip dysplasia.. I'm hoping so. Babies often walk funny when learning, right?

So, me, I'm up and down, managed to stay off the meds so far, so that's something. Discovered I could walk sideways yesterday, not something I do often, but I know I couldn't pre op as I remember standing in a canteen queue and really struggling to do just that (a month pre diagnosis) and feeling really freaked out, thinking what the hell is wrong with me??! SO, great I can do that. Now I too can walk with crabs or queue up for crappy canteen food, wuhoo I'm at one again!! Sorry do I sound ungrateful!

Pain coming and going, but in stereo! Yesterday I had a terrible day with my 'good' hip and my bad, operated hip was fine. Today that good hip is ok, but my bad hip grumbling a little, so far, only morning! I wonder if I'm always leaning from one to the other as they alternately flare up? Can inflammation really come and go like that?! I really need this second one fixing before it gets into the state my right hip has.
So its still limiting life a lot, just trying to manage my expectations and maintain a feeling of enjoying my life regardless and to be honest that can be a struggle some days.. wait and see really isn't it...and I am NOT blessed with patience!

Anyhow gonna crack on with doing the baby blog I've been promising myself since before getting sidetracked with hips... May as well put those journalist qualifications to some use!?! Thinking of getting a talk type application for my mac, then I can lay around like cleopatra on a chaise dictating to my blogs and not concern myself with the boring anxieties of how long I can sit/how fast can I type!
Heal well fellow hipsters XX

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

hip arthroscopy non recovery 18 wks

Changing the name of this blog to 'MY FAI HIP WINGE' as of the previous blog entry. I know its probably madness but I came of my 2 x meloxicam 3 days ago. Had to know where I was at, as I have been masking pain ever since it re-emerged when I came of my crutches. Not too surprisingly I'm not in a good place.

Its not good and I may have to go back on the meds. I am gutted to see everyone else doing so well, I don't mean that in a mean way, I just can't see why not me too? What's wrong with me? I started out so positive and this blog was so positive and I just if I'm honest believed that the hip arthroscopy failures either had duff surgeons, or didn't follow there PT exercises, or had negative attitudes, or something. But I've done it all, good surgeon, religious about physio therapy and added daily hydro and had a positive outlook.

Even with the kids I was hands off until last week and couldn't manage then, so now they're in school and nursery so I don't get to look after them! ..and I still can't work as I can't sit. Apologies for temp blip of feeling sorry for myself, just I keep watching my body clock and increasing trying to accept that I may not have my third child because of my stupid hips, seen as I can't even pick up the ones I have. If I were a wild dog I think I would just knaw off my leg from the hip joint and have done with it!

In fact I'm going to stop writing I'm making myself miserable! Going to go sharpen my teeth to see whether knawing off my leg is actually an option!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

hip arthroscopy recovery 17 wks

Rubbish mood and feeling sorry for myself. Spent a lovely afternoon with friends, but gutted they had to arrange a standing dinner party because I am struggling to sit still, good ole Bangers and mash though... Yum!!! They are half hour away in car travel time, that is an hour traveling both ways, leaving me approx 30 mins remaining sitting time for random sitting and no chance for 2 hour sit down meal with wine ontop, so a standing meal... so grateful, but so embarrassed as my disability stands out and as an active person all my life, I find it hard to be singled out as partially disabled in any way.

This week Mon and Tuesday good and I had Izzy (one yr old 25lb baby) to look after. Wed morning was also ok, but then a lift up to the highchair too many and I was polaxed! So did some serious nursery help rejigging to survive. Struggled to survive Thurs and Frid, recovered Saturday just in time to ruin it by driving into Leeds city for a meal, half hour drive there and back, 2 hrs lunch = PAIN! Followed by Sunday lunch arrangements = MORE PAIN! The audacity to think that I should be able to enjoy my life!!!!!!!!

As from this week, 17 weeks post op, the ONLY way I can even look after my daughter is if she goes to nursery, then my hubby leaves work at lunchtime and collects her and puts her straight to bed for a nap. She wakes at about 3pm, so then most of the day I haven't had to pick her up! I have also arranged for Oscar, my 4 yr old, to be collected from school, as with Izzy in tow and in a town house and a drive away, I can't carry Izzy around to collect my son. SO within all these super organized hurdles I can look after my kids, kind of! To be honest I'm feeling quite sad. Still lifting (muscle stuff) and sitting (FAI stuff) is ruining my life.
Feeling quite down to be honest.

Feel SOOOOOOOOOOO inadequate as a mother!
Is anyone else like this or just me, I manage until I try participate in life!
17 weeks and I still can't carry around my 25lbs daughter, or really do stairs with or without her, EVEN WITH A NOW BEYONCE MUSCLEY ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrggh!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

hip arthroscopy recovery hard work beginning to be rewarded

Been pretty good, though even at 16 weeks I am now rehabbing harder than ever, doing a hour in the pool 5 to 6 days a week. I simply walk forwards, backward and sideways. Then do some specific exercises to improve glutes, quads, ab and adductors strength and hammy stretches... and towards the end of the hour I swim, mainly flutter kick and a bit of breaststroke.
At the end of the hour I spend 10 minutes in the jacuzzi heating and loosening up my muscles and aiming the water jets to massage my hip arthroscopy incision sites. But I have to say I am loving it!.
I'm nervous about this week as I will start properly looking after Izzy, my imobile as yet 25lb one year old! I'm not confident of my ability as carrying her on stairs is REALLY hard and I live in a townhouse, but my help has had enough, in fairness its been four months..so I'm just hoping its not too much for my hip. I'd stick her in nursery full time but fear swine flu more! She'll be doing nursery just 3 afternoons a week. In truth I have no idea what the reality will be, I will not know what if anything I am able to do until the end of this week..
I do think this though, without kids and with a little lifting avoidance, I think I would be on the mend..I DO feel improvement. On down days I crash in mood, but I think I am now seeing more good days than bad.