FAI Hip Impingement (Femoro-acetabular Impingement)

FAI Hip Impingement Awareness facts - It is estimated that approximately 15% of the young, adult population have hip impingement, so who do you know that might have it?
Hip impingement causes painful labral tears within the hip socket.
Hip FAI symptoms are misleading to the average medical professional, as FAI hip impingement pain frequently presents as low back pain and interesting only 10% of back pain is ever clinically diagnosed and cured... Which begs the question what percentage is actually caused by hip FAI or hip impingement, as its otherwise known.
The more active you are, the more likely you are to trigger hip impingement symptoms, so busy mums and gym bunnies beware... but at least you're in good company as many premiere league football players have also suffered FAI hip pain.
Hip impingement is diagnosed through x-ray and labral tears are diagnosed through MRI arthograms - but both need to be read by hip consultants specifically trained in FAI hip impingement.
There are 60,000 hip replacements every year in the UK and it now appears that FAI hip impingement, over the years, could be the leading cause of hip osteoarthritis. A silent epidemic.
Hip arthroscopy can reduce the hip impingement and reattach the torn labrum to the hip socket. This surgery can eliminate the pain and disability caused by FAI hip impingement and divert the need for hip replacement in later life.

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Sunday, 4 October 2009

hip arthroscopy recovery ha ha! 12 wks 2 days miserable blog!

I can walk better and further without pain or limp and I can sleep on my stomach. I've been unable to walk far without pain or limping for just over a yr of the 6 yrs pain. I've been unable to sleep on my front for 6 years. The groin pain has pretty much gone..think I had that part of the pain for at least 3+ yrs, probably longer, but that was the first time I can be sure, as I wrote that pain down in some consultant question notes in 2006.

I get night pain if I do too much of 'anything'! AND worst of all I can not shake of the sitting pain that has dogged me for 6 years. It is I'm sure from where my hammys meet my sit bone, I've gone on about that for years and the pain so pronounced I can pin point it quite literally.
Trouble is its been 6 yrs and THAT is bad news! I'm still awaiting the steroid effect but its only a week and a half since the injections. My physio has started ultrasound therapy and trigger point massage also. I stretch daily, the 2 stretches I do feel good.
I picked up my daughter again today and wacked myself out. I'm so upset because my Mother is the one helping with childcare and she is getting increasingly impatient with this stupid,slow recovery and my consequential need for childcare...
Even worse I am gutted I can't look after Isabella and also very sad I will not be able to have a third child, as twice over when my babies hit over 20+lbs (about 1 year) I lose the ability to pick them up!
Other than aqua exercises and hammy stretches I have all bit given up with the exercises as they're MAKING NO DIFFERENCE! I should know I've done them religiously for 10 of 12 weeks!

I don't exactly know how I hurt my hamstrings, but I'm advised most likely to do with bad hip mobility, though I think I got the hammy pain before, during and after my hip pain arriving.

I LONG to pick up my daughter and go out and have fun with her and I know with anything short of a miracle, it really isn't going to happen! It just isn't, I know this because time is ticking and the same happened with my little boy!
I long to socialize again, meals, cinema, pub ...life??? Work? This is just shit as whilst I THINK I know the hammys cause the sitting pain, theres little I can do, its so chronic!


  1. Oh Louisa I am SO sorry. Sounds like you are having a real tough time. Try to stay positive!!

  2. Thanks Noell, as a triathelete, what do you know of hammys? Can they be pulled by lifting heavy babies, or anything do you think? And stairs?

    I am ordinarily v positive but this is really wearing. Do you know of anyone having recovered from Ischial bursitis? The hammys have tendonitis where they meet my sit bone. Thanks anyhow, I'm off to hit google!!

  3. Hi Louisa. I've been paying attention to your blog for a few months now. I was told I had FAI in both hips in July by one specialist and another specialist told me he doesn't think I have it....still searching for answers. Anyhow, I was told by a physical therapist (physio) here in the states that one of the best ways to deal with tendoitis and other itis problems is to find a warm water pool and do your excersies in there slowly. Not sure if the pool you use for your aqua classes is warm or not....if not, you may want to give it a try. Or, find a Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga) class. Your hip probably can't handle most of the postures yet, but you can probably do your PT excersies during the class. When I did Bikram Yoga there were many people in the class you didn't do the postures, but their own sets of exercises. I do wish you the best of luck. Josh, in the states.

  4. Thanks Josh. I do think I have FAI, but I suspect its caused hamstring problems too and painwise thats my issue at the mo. Thanks for tip on bikram yoga also. 100% on water stuff, pools lovely and warm too then after I jit the jacuzzi.

  5. My poor Louisa, I can feel your agonizing need to pick up your baby.
    My hamstrings have finally started to loosen up with deep tissue massages and stretching. It has gotten better but the insertion pain is very real. I am finding more out there that what we both are experiencing is normal .. if anything during this process can be normal ! We talked about doing my right hip at the beginning of the next year, but he said if I am still having the pain in the hamstring and piriformis that we aren't doing it. I feel I am losing hope of recovery too but please keep in mind we had our surgery maybe 10 days apart and oddly at the same point in recovery. We have made it 3 months but have to stay the course and just wait it out. I wish I could be there for you right now.

  6. Thanks Erin,
    Yes MRI and ultrasound scan said bursitis swelling at insertion point. Did they say why they wouldn't do it, the 2nd op? Are you having any problems sitting also?
    I've started intensive water exercise 50 mins today, 40 mins walking. I've worked out walking in water exercises/strengthens my weak hip flexors and tomorrow I'm adding hamstring stretches too.
    Worries me you say they wouldn't do it as I didn't know I had those problems and neither did you for our first ops, so what was the contraindication for us? I hope its not happening to us!!

  7. Louisa,
    I'm sorry. It does hurt to miss out on picking up the little ones. I would love to climb the stairs to the playroom and rock my baby boy, but it's so draining.

    There are good and bad days, let yourself be sad and tomorrow you'll probably be feeling better. But don't give up!! I've read on so many message boards where people got really down a few month post-op. You're tired and feeling guilty, missing out, etc. It's so hard for others to understand the toll this takes. Keep imagining yourself a year from now, better!!! It can and WILL happen, don't give up girl:)

    Take care,


  8. 12 - 13 wks on I thought I'd be back to normal me, but not so, least not yet.. hard not to be dissappointed but be harder without hope!