FAI Hip Impingement (Femoro-acetabular Impingement)

FAI Hip Impingement Awareness facts - It is estimated that approximately 15% of the young, adult population have hip impingement, so who do you know that might have it?
Hip impingement causes painful labral tears within the hip socket.
Hip FAI symptoms are misleading to the average medical professional, as FAI hip impingement pain frequently presents as low back pain and interesting only 10% of back pain is ever clinically diagnosed and cured... Which begs the question what percentage is actually caused by hip FAI or hip impingement, as its otherwise known.
The more active you are, the more likely you are to trigger hip impingement symptoms, so busy mums and gym bunnies beware... but at least you're in good company as many premiere league football players have also suffered FAI hip pain.
Hip impingement is diagnosed through x-ray and labral tears are diagnosed through MRI arthograms - but both need to be read by hip consultants specifically trained in FAI hip impingement.
There are 60,000 hip replacements every year in the UK and it now appears that FAI hip impingement, over the years, could be the leading cause of hip osteoarthritis. A silent epidemic.
Hip arthroscopy can reduce the hip impingement and reattach the torn labrum to the hip socket. This surgery can eliminate the pain and disability caused by FAI hip impingement and divert the need for hip replacement in later life.

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

hip arthroscopy - 1 day to go

Well hip arthroscopy tomorrow and I feel suspiciously calm!

I shed a little tear today having to move Isabella's cot out of the bedroom and have her in her own room, so I can get around the room with crutches.. felt overly sentimental like its the end of her babyhood!

I have kept myself stupidly busy for weeks, even today, so I don't dwell. I took out some 'me time' last week and ended up having 'pity me time', so came home to avoid thinking too much!

Anyway, I'm all set and wish I could walk in right now, before I change my mind!

There is a little flash of excitement I scarcely dare acknowledge, that this might just change my life and have me pain free, or as good as! ....please, please, please, God, Santa, fairies, good spooks, whoever's listening!!

ps Kate thanks for your good wishes it means a lot xxx


  1. I had the same surgery on May 12th of this year. I am already sports training and will be able to do a short triathlon in less than a month! My pain pre-op was no where near as bad as yours, and I am already glad I had the surgery! Now for the other hip.... Good luck!!


  2. Good Luck!!! I am having hip surgery in September in Vail. Colorado.... I look forward to hearing about your post-op progress!!

  3. Noell tried to comment on your site but wouldn't let me somehow, prob be me, I'm still out of it. 2 days after so far so good, just anesthetic knocking me out feel yuk, but probably normal didn't look into anesthetic affects. I was too busy worrying whether surgery would work!
    I'm in no pain at the mo thou and thats something, daren't say anything too pos until I'm sure!

  4. I am awaiting an arthroscopy end of Feb, got my pre op assessment 15 Feb. Getting nervous, torn labrum and not sure what else is going on in there. having read your blog i am now officially shitting myself!!! ARGH!! Hope you are a bit better now.
    email me lisabreeze@blueyonder.co.uk